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What Is a Mini Tummy Tuck?

Partial Abdominoplasty Fayetteville

A tummy tuck can remove a great deal of excess skin, fat, and loose muscle tissue. A partial abdominoplasty, a more technical name for the mini tummy tuck, is a less invasive version of the full abdominoplasty for those needing less change to the abdominal area. With the partial abdominoplasty, the likelihood that the patient’s […]

Mini Abdominoplasty to Correct Loose Muscles

Mini Abdominoplasty Fayetteville

Do you feel embarrassed whenever you hear the words “six-pack abs”? If you’re sporting a pooch in the lower stomach area, you may need a mini abdominoplasty to tighten those muscles. The mini abdominoplasty aids in correcting drooping lower abdominal muscles. The area below the belly button is the one most likely to be affected […]

How to Treat Breast Ptosis

Breast Ptosis Fayetteville

Do you feel that your breasts have been drooping lately? Over time, the skin tissues become less elastic, and breasts begin to succumb to the steady downward pull of gravity. Breast lifts correct this issue, giving patients perkier breasts. To begin the breast lift process, your plastic surgeon must first determine your breast ptosis grade. […]

Abdominoplasty – Fayetteville Incision Pattern

Abdominoplasty Fayetteville

Want to turn a flabby stomach into a fit one? With an abdominoplasty, you can ditch that beer belly for a set of toned abs! Part of every abdominoplasty is the incision pattern. The incision needed for a full abdominoplasty stretches from one hip to the other, travelling horizontally across the stomach. It’s made below […]

Arm Lift Surgery – Stitches Fayetteville

Arm lift surgery can recontour the tissues of your upper arms, making them appear slim and toned. Any excess skin will be trimmed away, so you won’t have to worry about hanging folds of arm skin. Part of arm lift surgery is the closing of incisions. This will be done using medical sutures. In one […]


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