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Breast Procedures Fayetteville

The female breasts are important for gender identification and are considered a vital characteristic of the female anatomy. As such, a breast augmentation can improve that perception. Enhanced breast volume, shape, and proportions can give women increased self-confidence and a better self-image.

If the female breast is thought to be small and out of proportion, asymmetrical to the point of being noticeable in clothes or bathing suits, or having an undesired shape (tubular, sagging, pointing outwards, pointing inwards), the condition may result in self-consciousness and lack of self-confidence.

An aesthetically pleasing appearance in clothes is often affected by small breasts, which is termed hypomastia or micromastia. When breasts are significantly out of proportion with the rest of the body, finding clothes that fit well can be challenging. In this circumstance, if the top fits, the bottom does not fit, or if the bottom fits, the top does not fit. Proper fitting of clothes and bathing suits is a commonly expressed goal by patients that are seeking augmentation mammaplasty.

Conditions of the breasts that cause patients to seek a consultation for breast augmentation or other breast procedures can result from a developmental process or as a result of aging, trauma, postpartum changes, or a combination of all these conditions.

During the consultation for breast augmentation, patients frequently express a desire to gain more self-confidence, less self-consciousness, an easier time buying clothes, a sexier figure, and improved self-image.

Almost all patients can get good improvement with breast augmentation alone or in combination with other procedures such as a breast lift. Breast surgery is not the perfect solution for every concern a patient may have about her breasts, but these procedures typically have a very positive impact on the patient’s life when considering self-image, self-confidence, and ease in social situations.

The vast majority of patients who get a breast augmentation are happy they made this decision; the satisfaction rate for breast surgery, including breast augmentations and breast lifts, is very high. Because the satisfaction rate is high, breast augmentation continues to be the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure. Millions of women in the United States and all over the world have undergone breast augmentation, a breast lift, or both.

Breast implants do not last a lifetime; they often need to be replaced after around 10 years. However, it varies from case to case, and many patients have had saline breast implants for over 20 years without the need for replacement.

Some breast implant manufacturers, including the Mentor Corporation, one of the largest manufacturers of breast implants, offer a limited lifetime warranty on breast implant products. This means if a breast implant ruptures or leaks (with some exceptions), the manufacturer will replace the implant. For exact details on current replacement policy, please see the Mentor website, which may change from year to year.