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Breast Lift Fayetteville

Breast lift (mastopexy) is a procedure that returns sagging breasts to a more youthful position and shape. The breast is a primary element of feminine appearance and psyche, and recreating attractive breasts often improve self confidence and self esteem. Board-certified Plastic surgeon Stephen M. Herring, MD has performed many breast lifts in North Carolina over the past twenty five years.

The goal of the breast lift is to create symmetry while also creating beautiful natural curves that are present without the support of a bra. The breast lift tightens the breast gland, breast ligaments, and skin by geometric re-arrangement utilizing surgical flaps. Many patients have asymmetry in the nipple areolar process and this is usually improved with the breast lift procedure.

The natural shape of the breast changes with aging, pregnancy, and weight loss to become flat and tubular rather than cone shaped. With aging, the breast gland gets smaller which causes the skin envelope to be too large for the breast gland. During pregnancy, the breasts become engorged which stretches the skin and gland and after breast feeding is stopped, the breast shrinks leaving too much skin. Weight gain followed by weight loss also creates a situation where there is extra skin which results in breast sagging (ptosis). Patients with a large amount of sagging (ptosis) sometimes have skin irritations under the breasts and problems wearing some type of clothing. The breast lift helps patients maintain a youthful shape and allows patients to wear clothing or undergarments that have less support.

The breast lift does not prevent the aging process. As aging continues, the breasts continue to lose elasticity and sagging can recur. Even with continued aging, the breast will always be better than if a breast procedure had never been done. There is no exact time a second breast lift is recommended, but if the breasts are not affected by weight loss or pregnancy after the initial surgery, the breasts will maintain a good shape for many years to come.

The breast lift procedure takes about two hours in most patients. The incisions are placed on the bottom of the breast so that low cut clothing and bathing suits cover the scars. There are many different types of breast lift procedures and the best procedure for the specific situation is chosen by Dr. Herring. The breasts are slightly smaller after a breast lift and in many patients no additional procedure is requested. Other patients wish to have more breast volume after breast lift and request a breast augmentation.

The anesthesia used for breast lift varies from surgeon to surgeon, and many prefer using sedation with local anesthesia. The recovery from this type of anesthesia takes only a few minutes and the side effects of the medicine are minimal. This combination gives patients complete comfort for the breast lift and the local anesthesia also helps alleviate pain after the procedure. Oral pain medicine is usually taken for a few days after the breast lift which controls discomfort in most patients.

The recovery period after breast lift is usually very short. Because there is very little discomfort after breast lift, the only limitation for activity is time for the surgical wound to gain strength. In most patients normal sensation returns after several weeks after the breast lift procedure. Many patients return to work one or two days after breast lift and return to full activity in about three weeks.