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Eyelid Surgery Fayetteville

The eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) is a procedure that removes the fullness from the upper and lower eyelids. The eyelids in youth have flat, tight, and rested appearance, and the eyelid lift helps improve eyelids that have changed with aging. In addition, some patients have eyelid conditions that are inherited, and these can also be helped with eyelid lift.

The eyelids change with age for multiple reasons. The forehead (brow) droops or falls towards the eyes, which causes eyebrow droop. This in turn causes tissue to be pushed into the eye socket (orbit). This can be easily demonstrated by pushing the eyebrow down with the fingers. Weight gain also changes the eyes as more fat is deposited around the eyes making them look full. The skin around the eyes looses elasticity, which results in skin drooping and wrinkling. The muscles around the eye can become “enlarged” (hypertrophied), meaning they are too thick. The connective tissue around the eye, which helps hold structures in place is very complex. When this tissue becomes loose, the structures of the eye change resulting in an aged appearance. The combination of all these changes can be helped with the eyelid lift. Board-certified Plastic surgeon Stephen M. Herring, MD has performed thousands of eyelid lifts as well as other Plastic surgery procedures in North Carolina for over twenty- five years.

The upper eyelid lift repairs three basic tissues. The first and most obvious one is excess skin. Excess skin is removed leaving approximately the amount found in youth. The second is excess muscle, which is thinned with the eyelid lift. The third is excess fat, which is removed during the eyelid lift. There are other procedures that are sometimes performed with the upper eyelid lift, such as the lower eyelid lift.

The lower eyelid lift has changed over the past twenty-five years. In many patients, the procedure is done from inside the eyelid so that there is no external scar. The changes in the lower eyelid are the same as in the upper eyelid, and include excess skin, excess fat, and excess muscle. The same changes in anatomical structures cause the aged appearance. The excess skin in most patients can be improved with laser skin resurfacing, which doesn’t cause an external scar.

The eyelid lift can be performed with local anesthesia only, sedation with local anesthesia, or general anesthesia. The procedure can be easily preformed with sedation and local anesthesia which is a common choice by surgeons and patients. Oral pain medicine is usually taken for several days and the discomfort is easily controlled with that regimen.

The recovery from the eyelid lift is very fast in most patients. There is usually only one suture in the upper eyelid, which is removed in about five days. In most patients there are not any sutures in the lower eyelids. Swelling and bruising usually resolves in about one week in most patients.

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