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Specialized Instruments Used for Rhinoplasty Fayetteville

The rhinoplasty procedure is performed with a very specialized set of instruments designed specifically for that purpose. These instruments have been improved and refined over the years which has made the procedure much easier. The specialized instruments for rhinoplasty fall into three categories. The first category assists in gaining access to the nasal structures. This allows specific surgical maneuvers to be performed with accuracy. Included in this group of instruments are specialized scissors and other instruments used for freeing the tissues. The second group of instruments assist in providing exposure of the nasal structures to facilitate the rhinoplasty procedure. This group of instruments includes specialized types of retractors designed specifically for rhinoplasty. The last group of instruments are those that alter the tissues. This group of instruments includes specialized scissors, rasps, and osteotomes (bone instruments). The instruments for rhinoplasty have specialized shapes and sizes and are used (almost) exclusively for this procedure.

Rhinoplasty scissors (for access)

Rhinoplasty retractor (for exposure)

Rhinoplasty rasp (for alteration)

Rhinoplasty dissector (for access)

Rhinoplasty osteotome (for alteration)

Septal cartilage harvester (for alteration)