Some of us find that no matter how many squats, lunges, and leg lifts we do, we can never seem to get the perfectly sculpted and shapely thighs that supermodels and actresses so famously and effortlessly flaunt.

You shouldn’t be disheartened by the results you get from your workouts. Celebrities have access to the best personal trainers, dietitians, and their most important asset, plastic surgeons, to help them achieve the ideal look that you desire.

Well-sculpted and aesthetically pleasing legs aren’t exclusive to celebrities. You too can approach some of the best plastic surgeons in the country to help you get the shapely and contoured thighs you desire.

What Is Thigh Lift Surgery?

A thigh lift is a plastic surgery procedure that helps to slim down, reshape, and tone a person’s thighs by removing excess fatty tissue and skin tissue for a more appealing look. It provides a more balanced and well-proportioned lower body to match the patient’s upper-body proportions.

A thigh lift procedure can aid in achieving the aesthetic goals and objectives that you weren’t able to achieve with dieting and exercising alone. A well-contoured and tighter lower body helps to improve your overall physical appearance and boosts self-confidence.

In some cases, your surgeon may perform a liposuction along with a thigh lift procedure to remove the excess stubborn fat from the thigh area and enhance your overall results.

Who Is an Eligible Candidate for Thigh Lift Surgery?

You will be an eligible candidate for a thigh lift surgery if:

Thigh Lift Procedure Steps

Your surgeon will perform the procedure with intravenous sedation and local anesthesia or general anesthesia. This can be discussed with your plastic surgeon.

Incisions are then made in the areas where the excess skin is to be removed. Usually, incisions are made in the groin area and extend downwards and around the backs and fronts of the thighs.

The excess tissue underneath is removed and the skin is tightened and reshaped to produce sculpted, smooth, and well-proportioned thighs. This is a basic inner thigh lift procedure.

More advanced thigh lift procedures include the outer thighs and require extensive incisions to be made in the thigh and groin areas. These incisions can be strategically hidden by clothing, underwear, and swimsuits.

The incisions are then closed using deep support sutures to tighten and reshape the underlying thigh tissues and skin to produce well-contoured thighs.

The results are almost immediate and any initial bruising or swelling will typically minimize and disappear in a couple of weeks. Medications and topical creams may be prescribed by your plastic surgeon.

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