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Dr. Herring has performed surgery on thousands of patients from all over the world. His large experience with cosmetic surgery provides patients with accurate thoughtful advice, customized treatment plans for each patient, and surgical techniques that are time tested. By following patients for years after surgery, Dr. Herring plans for patients to look good in one year, five years, ten years and more.
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Great follow up from Doctor Herring and Staff after surgery. They really care about my health and progression after surgery. Love it! Thank you guys. (individual results may vary)
Our primary goals at NC Plastic Surgery are patient satisfaction and safety.
The techniques utilized by Dr. Herring are chosen with this in mind. Further, it is his goal to put you at ease from your consultation, to surgery, and beyond. Dr. Herring also offers all follow-up visits after treatment without additional cost. Active patients can return for additional consults without further costs as well.
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