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Breast Reduction Fayetteville

Breast reduction is a popular procedure that reduces the size of the breast and also lifts the breast at the same time. Breast reduction reduces the strain on the back, shoulders, and neck while restoring the natural youthful beauty of the breast at the same time. The female breast makes up a large part of the female identity and psyche. Improvement in shape and size of the breast with breast reduction can help improve self confidence and self esteem.

Excessively large breasts (macromastia) are a result of excessive growth during adolescence. This is a result of the breast tissue being more sensitive to the hormones that cause growth during development. In addition to excessively large breasts, the excess growth can also result in asymmetry in breast shape and size (breasts do not match). Common concerns patients have about large breasts include neck, back, shoulder, arm, and breast pain. Patients with excessively large breasts also have difficulty finding clothes that fit properly. Younger patients often relate that they are teased by their peers about their excessive breast size which often harms self confidence and self esteem. Excessive breast size can also limit physical activity preventing participation in sports. The lack of physical activity as a result of breast size can also result in weight gain as well. If a patient plans to lose a large amount of weight then it is advisable to wait until the weight loss is completed prior to getting a breast reduction.

The goal of breast reduction surgery is to reduce the size of the breasts, and improve the shape and size of the breasts. The breast reduction can also improve asymmetry making the breast look more alike in size and shape. The breast reduction surgery also lifts the breast at the same time just like the breast lift procedure. The difference between the breast reduction and the breast lift procedure is that more breast tissue is removed with the reduction as compared to the lift. The breast reduction is accomplished by creating surgical flaps and sliding the breast tissue upward while tightening the lower half of the breast. There are many breast reduction techniques that are used to accomplish these goals, and Plastic surgeons will choose the specific techniques that best meets the needs of the specific situation for each patient. All the scars for breast reduction are below the nipple areolar complex which allows low cut dresses or bathing suits to cover the scars. Because some of the glandular tissue is left intact and connected to the nipple, many patients who have children after the procedure are still able to breast feed.

Recovery after breast reduction surgery occurs quickly for most patients. Many patients can return to work after several days, and then return to full activity in about three weeks. The return of sensation to the breast after breast reduction usually occurs within several weeks. There is some swelling after the breast reduction surgery so the final size of the breasts is not observed until sometime later. The shape of the breast also changes after breast reduction due to tissue relaxation and this is taken into account when planning the surgery.

The breast reduction procedure has a very high satisfaction rate. Many patients report a dramatic improvement in lifestyle and some patients will lose weight after the surgery as a result of increased activity. Patients also report clothes fitting better and increased self confidence and self esteem. Dr. Herring has performed many breast reductions in North Carolina over the past twenty five years.