Prior to getting any elective plastic surgery procedure, a consultation is obtained. We offer a free initial consultation to any potential patient seeking a cosmetic procedure. The initial free consultation includes a focused physical exam, a discussion of the patient’s goals, what goals may be achievable, and a review of the patient’s medical history. All of the patient’s questions are answered related to the specific procedure. Printed literature is available to assist in the patient’s consultation. Central to any elective plastic surgery procedure is the patient becoming informed. When the patient becomes informed, he/she can then make an informed decision about the procedure.

It is very helpful for the patient do his/her own research prior to the consultation and there are many readily available good sources (online) for information regarding elective plastic surgery procedures. The best source for information about cosmetic procedures is by a consult with a qualified provider. The critical importance of the in-person consultation with a plastic surgeon is that all patients are unique, and as a result, there is no single procedure that is appropriate for all patients. In order to understand the options and the specific anatomy of the patient, an in-person consultation is requisite. The free initial consultation allows for an obligation-free experience for the patient, and you will be better informed after its completion.

To make an appointment for a free consultation, call Herring Plastic Surgery at (910) 486-9093.