Breast augmentation is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures and has a very high satisfaction rate. The breast capsule is a normal biological reaction to the breast implant, and it occurs with all breast implants. It is important to distinguish between normal capsule formation, which causes no problems, and problematic capsule formation, which can cause a problem. In certain patients, breast massage after breast augmentation is thought to help prevent problematic capsule formation, which can cause the breasts to become firm. Breast massage is a simple process that can be done several times a day as a preventive measure to keep the capsule the appropriate size (volume). Many techniques are now available for breast augmentation, and the best approach is chosen based on the patient’s anatomy as well as her desires. Breast implant techniques can be divided into two general categories: below (or partially below) the muscle, and above the muscle. In some patients, the breast implants are placed below the muscle and in other patients the implants are placed above the muscle. Both implant pocket planes can have excellent results and a high patient satisfaction, and there are advantages and disadvantages to both. When the breast implants are placed below or partially below the muscle, an “automatic” massage occurs with arm movement. This “automatic” massage does not occur when the breast implants are placed above the muscle.

Breast massage is primarily recommended for patients with smooth shell implants that are placed above the muscle. The goal of breast implant massage is to maintain the breast pocket volume (the space that contains the breast implant), which should be a larger volume than the volume of the implant. This is accomplished by squeezing the breasts, which presses the breast implant against the capsule, thereby stretching it.

Below are images and a video demonstrating breast massage after breast augmentation. The images illustrate superior (up), lateral (side), and medial (middle) movement of the implant. In the video below, Dr. Stephen Herring’s patient demonstrates breast massage in three directions. When performed properly, breast massage is a simple, painless, quick maneuver to help maintain softness after breast augmentation. More detailed information on breast massage can be obtained at your free consultation.


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