Breast augmentation always creates scars. Scars vary from patient to patient and are somewhat dependent on the patient’s scar-forming tendency. They can be somewhat unpredictable. In simple terms, some patients have a tendency to form favorable scars, and other patients have a tendency to form unfavorable scars. This is an inherent trait that cannot be changed.

Beyond basic scar-forming tendencies, there are other considerations when attempting to minimize the visibility of scars. The Plastic surgeon considers scar placement, which includes the location and orientation of the scar. If possible, scars are placed in a location that is inconspicuous. There are several locations that are chosen for breast augmentation, and each has advantages and disadvantages. When incisions are healing, scars have a tendency to be favorable when there is limited tension on the incision. Tension on a healing incision has a tendency to make the scar wider. So avoidance of tension on the healing incision is an important factor. Because the breast implant is stretching (placing tension on) the breast, any incision on the breast may have a tendency to widen. Eye tracking studies have shown that “gaze time” was highest in the central breast (nipple). Based on the aforementioned, placing scars off the breast (as opposed to on the breast) seems logical.

A common scar placement location for breast augmentation is at or slightly below the infra-mammary fold (the fold at the bottom of the breast). In addition to a favorable final scar appearance, there are other advantages to this incision site. Below is an image of a scar following breast augmentation in the infra-mammary location.


In addition to the aforementioned, all of which are considered during planning, there are protocols and treatments that can be done after breast augmentation to maximize scar appearance. Wound stenting is generally utilized in all breast augmentation patients to improve scar appearance. There are other treatments available for unfavorable scarring that are not necessary in most patients undergoing breast augmentation. More information regarding scar formation can be obtained during a consultation.

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