When undergoing breast augmentation, patients will have the opportunity to choose what type of breast implant they desire during a consultation with Dr. Stephen Herring. It is during this consultation that Dr. Herring will thoroughly inform the patient about all the pros and cons of each breast implant type.

The options for implant type are saline-filled and silicone-filled breast implants. An advantage of saline implants is that when a rupture occurs, it is usually obvious because the breast will decrease in size or completely deflate.

With silicone implants, a shell failure may be more difficult to detect because the breast may not decrease in size. As a result, the FDA recommends an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) every two years for patients who have silicone implants.

On the other hand, silicone implants tend provide the most options in variations and generally provide a more natural look and feel. For this reason, silicone is the more popular breast implant type.

For more information about the differences in each breast implant type, contact our Fayetteville office to schedule an appointment for a consultation.