The embarrassing convex bump that is a part of many noses is called a dorsal hump. Rhinoplasty – nasal surgery – is a way to get rid of it, leaving you with a straight nasal bridge. How does a nose develop a dorsal hump?

Dorsal humps can come about in two ways: as a result of the genes or, less commonly, through nasal trauma.

The bridge of the nose, also known as the nasal dorsum, is made of soft tissue, bone, and cartilage. As these tissues develop and grow in the early part of a person’s life, there is the potential for malformation. Displacement of these tissues through injury will also create a malformation. Currently, nasal surgery is the best way to correct these malformations.

Some dorsal humps are mostly bone, some are mostly cartilage, and most are a mix. To find out more about dorsal humps and the nasal surgery solutions, contact our office and set up an appointment. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Herring will be happy to answer any questions you may have.